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Blank Pages

What if you had the opportunity to draft your life over?

Given a blank page

Where would you begin?

Would you change your DNA?

Your social class



Or simply take a ride in 1st  class

What if you could draft your life all over again?

Erasing all your pain, anger and fear

I’m giving you a blank page to take your life back 

And escape your fears

Travel to a place full of  dreams

A place of new idea’s

A new map to success

An expression of  love to a friend

A Kindness

An Apology

Or a Blank Page,


You have the power to create a new piece of mind!

Start today

Write your first page  in the comment lines.

Go get a pen, Let’s begin?

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Winning vs. Learning

Sometimes we win in life and other times we learn,

If we live to learn we will be fine with the outcomes of life.

Since we have no control over our exit

Be happy to experience all the issues, expectations, and losses

On the road of divine ambiguity and enjoy what lies ahead

While we continue to navigate being imperfectly human successfully.

© Taylor McGhee all rights reserved