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Paths of Life

When your life path begins to harm you

You have made the wrong turn

Carolyn Myss

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Dream Catchers

dreamcatcher slip
Tashee & Armani
Always dream a peaceful sleep.
For those dreams are undiscovered realities.
It is here in that subconscious realm of ideologies.
That you dare to be everything that you should be.
So catch a dream as you sleep tonight.
Remember to fight those bad illusions of fright.
Gather your spirit and walk on the wind.
Share a fancy tale of what you shall come to be.
You are who you profess to be.
A dream catchers goddess
Full of hope, promise, truth and inspired authenticity.
Living your Truth Publications 2013
Taylor’s Literary Designs

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Truth and Meaning a mere thought

imagesCAPN3NZE Quite often we need to look outside of our own understanding to gain the real identity of a proposition. Does love look like this definition or something totally different. Men and women both suffer in matters of the heart. Individuals should take the time to properly assess  attachments before aligning your heart and soul to something that does not honor our represent you both philosophically and emotionally. Have reverence for the temple that sustains you. Find the truth and meaning of your suitors before casting your sails, May your journeys be filled with utter bliss and fulfillment which is love!

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What, Did You Say Luv!

Sorry,  Sorry, and  Sorry again!

Your words are an extension of your thoughts

  imagesCAJDNN0X  Keep your feelings pure

Your mind open

Your emotions transparent

  Live principled, authentic and true 

                                                                           The universe follows you

                                                             Never have to say I’m Sorry!


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Shadow Thoughts for Ta’shee

cropped-1334513-women-pink-shawdow.jpgWhat do you see when you view me

Is it the darkness of the shadow

That surrounds me

Do you live within the borders

The black, pink and cream

Does your essence travel continual to other destinies
Where does your heart lie
Is it soaring gracefully
With imaginable thoughts of fuschia and green
Living outside the borders free
What do you see when you view me
A woman of strength cloaked in mystery
If I touch you will you touch me
Hear my whispers
Awakening you
To awaken me
Whats in your shadow
Shaping Destinies

Daily Affirmation, Discernments

The falsities of Humanity


If someone would have told me that perfection is what you make it. That perfection is truly unattainable I would have frowned upon them years ago, for I tried to be perfect in every challenge I undertook. Perfection is in the mind of those you encounter, your critic’s it is they that judge and have standards of your gifts and talents. The same ideology holds true when we entertain the concept of beauty. What one may consider perfect or beautiful to some may not be all that glamorous to the next individual. independence and maturity cushions our perceptions and the bitterness of reality. The reality here is that there was only one living perfect being before us and although he tried relentlessly to remind us to be loving, humble, kind spirits we manifested imperfections occasional. I say this to say live your best life. Love yourself and respect others and through that premises the goodness of Karma will find you when you may be in need of inspiration or a caring hand to hold. As our earth is wrapped in the arms of God, my God, your God one in the same, Allow the essence of you to be the twinkle in the eyes of those who follow and trust you! Your legacy is being written as we speak, Make it Grand, Live Honorably, Kings and Queens, prince and princesses.