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Real Talk 101

20140406-111017.jpgPeople will fail you every time and you may even fail yourself at times. However every day present an avenue of redemption and an optimistic change of course. Therefore the key to constant evolution and the navigation of personal flux is to keep your eyes on the objectives and to be 2 steps in front of the oppositions. Life is about strategical balance. Remember  to keep your hearts open to creative inspiration and your mind filled with knowledge and new-found wisdom. Be drama free like the wind, patient like the earth, and nourishing like water. This is how we sustain the grace of life God has given us. Empower yourself and others with your touch mentally, physically, emotionally or through the blessing of all three.

Namaste Taylor 😉

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A Birthday Celebration Day of Service to a Great Philosopher & Humanitarian of Conscience (Dr. Martin L. King Jr., 1929-1968)

Philosophy of  Service Dr. King and wife Coretta Philosophy of Progressing Humanity

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Differential Philosophy of the term Blessing

🙏🙏 Blessing must arise from within your own mind. It is not something that comes from outside. When the positive qualities of your mind increase and the negativities decrease, that is what blessing means. The Tibetan word for blessing … means transforming into magnificent potential. Therefore, blessing refers to the development of virtuous qualities you did not previously have and the improvement of those good qualities you have already developed. ― Dalai Lama XIV

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Monday Blues

Monday Blues

                          Get in bed by 10pm                        

To rise again at 6am

As the warm water encapsulates me

Cleansed, refreshed with the scent of vanilla mist

I’m feeling femme and stellar

The coffee maker brews at the top of the hour

In the distance I hear the phone ringing

Blow drying my tresses, the nannies late again

Major traffic delays on 55wman

The boss is going to ride my gluteus again

Monday Blues

OMG it’s happening again

It seems as if everyone is still asleep

Having out of body experiences, could that be

Wake up! It’s Monday

Assistant blunders, copy machine jams, website crashes

God, I’m stressed, it’s time for my noon mocha latte again

Everything that can go wrong is multiplied times ten

Here I sit holding back droplets of frustrated tears

That yearn to scream, shout and cry it’s pandemonium in here out loud

Monday Blues, are harsh but true

Full of stress and confusion

Convoluted messages stir all around you

Fatigued co-workers not completely checked in

Daydreaming of Tuesday to come alive and worthwhile

Snail speed cognition slowly awakening the start of the week

Monday blues are always the same

In bed by 10pm

To rise again by 6am

 Monday’s are always slow to start

It’s time to take charge without doubts

Others depend on you

So Press the power of restart!frustrated mondays

It begins with Monday and You.

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Power of Vulnerability and Daring Greatly


Caught an awesome broadcast on the above topic’s with Dr. Brene Brown on Oprah’s life-class. Of course  I took some notes always in empowerment mode, as the illustration suggest so here goes. Take from this what you will but I hope that somewhere along the words and lines you find  growth and most of all the power to show your softer side to those you value and trust. The message is  Daring Greatly while being vulnerability to initiate change or allow your emotions to be transparent to those that count. If you have the ability to retrieve this broadcast which aired this past weekend then do so you won’t regret having a front row seat in your life and personal circumstances. So, this is what I came away with.
Life is about showing up, being open-hearted and being seen
It is possible to be brave and afraid simultaneously
Engineer great things
Don’t allow things to cage, limit or keep you small
If you show up in your life it’s inevitable to fail at something’s don’t get discouraged
If others aren’t striving or risking themselves they are irrelevant and poor critics
Never wonder what it would have felt like if you don’t take the time to show up
Showing up has its dangers
Learn to be yourself at all cost
Vulnerability begets vulnerability
Vulnerability is the birth place of innovation, courage, trust, intimacy and connection
Share with people who have earned the right to hear your story
Bare your soul without any guarantees
Vulnerability is saying I love you first
People don’t yearn for perfection but want flawed and real
The reflections of you when your vulnerable are priceless Picasso
In the absence of love and belonging is suffering
We all want love and connection which are the key’s to vulnerability
Well I’ve said more than a mouthful and I hope it’s been helpful.
Namaste, Taylor
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Truth and Meaning a mere thought

imagesCAPN3NZE Quite often we need to look outside of our own understanding to gain the real identity of a proposition. Does love look like this definition or something totally different. Men and women both suffer in matters of the heart. Individuals should take the time to properly assess  attachments before aligning your heart and soul to something that does not honor our represent you both philosophically and emotionally. Have reverence for the temple that sustains you. Find the truth and meaning of your suitors before casting your sails, May your journeys be filled with utter bliss and fulfillment which is love!