The Goodness in Monday Mornings

Every Monday God says begin again
Every Monday God breathes life, harmony and balance into your core
Every Monday God awakens you to a higher purpose
Listen as he whispers them into your soul
Every Monday God reminds you to be humble, merciful, and kind
Every Monday God renews your faith
giving you the strength to endure trials and tribulations
Every Monday God refuels your temple
asking for nothing in return except your love
Every Monday God forgives your sins and merely asks for repentence
Every Monday God reminds you that your gifted, blessed, beautiful, and
Every Monday God kisses your heart and says remember me
for I am with you always
Every Monday say thank you Lord !


Real Talk 101

20140406-111017.jpgPeople will fail you every time and you may even fail yourself at times. However every day present an avenue of redemption and an optimistic change of course. Therefore the key to constant evolution and the navigation of personal flux is to keep your eyes on the objectives and to be 2 steps in front of the oppositions. Life is about strategical balance. Remember  to keep your hearts open to creative inspiration and your mind filled with knowledge and new-found wisdom. Be drama free like the wind, patient like the earth, and nourishing like water. This is how we sustain the grace of life God has given us. Empower yourself and others with your touch mentally, physically, emotionally or through the blessing of all three.

Namaste Taylor 😉

First Impressions Lasting Perceptions

As we navigate throughout our personal and professional objectives remember you are always being observed. Negativity arises when we are careless in our awareness and the manner in which we articulate our desires and concerns. Although the world moves at its own pace you have the power to control your perceptions and behavior. Humbly shine within the light of grace and goodness. For you can never control how you are perceived but you can always deliver your Best !
Be good to yourself and your image
Namaste 🙂

The Literary Mother of Poetic Grace 1928-2014

I awaken to sadness but realize the gift that blessed my life with her poetic eloquence and wisdom has entered the kingdom of the exalted. Although she has transcended the flesh into the spiritual world of universal life her words of sincerity, empowerment and inspiration will live within the consciousness of the blood that sustain life through our hearts. God has retrieved his angel of divinity she will spread her wings to protect, guide and ultimately bless us. You are my source of literary inspiration, I know why the caged bird sang and what it means to stand gracefully and humbly Phenomenal and a Woman
Until we meet again! Dove
Well done servant of God your free.

Curvaceous Words of Advice

Always shine in your best light for you can never control someone’s perception of you. It is your humane duty to be humble, forgiving and empathetic to others while you walk this journey entitled life. Be ethical, considerate, and most of all love and embrace your image. Keep it from harms way your halo of Fabulousity depends on it. 💬

Religion, Light Hearts & Imperfections

20140406-111017.jpgIt’s Sunday, as we prepare this day to enter worship houses of our Lord and Savior, I remind you to keep a light heart and that the spirit of God lives within each and every one of us. It is through his Holy Spirit that we are continuously infused with the Goodness of Grace, the Mercy of Forgiveness and the power to convert our wrongs into Powerful acts of Truths and Righteousness. It is through prayer that we find redemption and universal strength, along with Faith and Reverence for your divinity. Sunday is a day of clarified Independence, it is a day of refreshing your religious perspectives to carry you through another day, week, month, year, a lifetime. It is a weekly cleaning of armor, a dusting of your feet,  in a world filled with ambiguity. I begin again each Sunday as I lay my imperfections at the doorstep of acceptance and forgiveness I move forward collecting improved strategies to navigate in this world of uncertainty. It is me oh Lord standing forever in the need of prayer, forever in the need of your orchestrated plan, for I am your child, walking by faith and I love you for all that I am. So begin with God every day, relax, release, refresh and reclaim a new existence in the power that he affords us through his heavenly blessings. We learn through trials and tribulations to humble ourselves , to glorify his name, and to try our very best at living a purposeful, loving existence among humanity. You should never feel discouraged, realize that God holds us near, protecting our every move, therefore rejoice in your beautifully crafted creation. Know that every challenge that cradles you is merely a Pinch to Wake up, Whisper to Alert you, and a hug to Bless you. For we are never alone, walk in Faith and the rest is delivered unto you. Remember, you are his greatest gift and we are one with the Universe…..

Namaste, Taylor

Live, Speak, Breathe, Truth