LYTEA Mission Statement

The Living Your Truth Empowerment Agency is an awakened coaching platform that operates outside of its professional suite to empower humanities voice where ideologies are heard without judgment or ridicule. The platform is solely based on fostering support and confidence. We are a society primarily of women but when it comes to developing gender identities we believe our coaching techniques of authenticity, self-identity and self-discovery are available to whomever seeks our guidance.

Taylor’s Motto

At Living Your Truth Empowerment Agency, we honor truth. Why? Because Truth is simple, serene and transparent. It sets the example for your life and creates the boundaries from which we draw the line personally and professionally when we invite relationships, and friendships into our experiences. Living in truth allows us to live honorably which permeates all of our individual expressions in humanity. It becomes the ideology that sets us free.
Free to be Just You & Me!
Are you Free, Authentic and Living in Truth?  Trust in us while we mentor, elevate, inspire and guide you on your journey to self-actualization and the pursuit of clarified awareness.

Breathe, Speak, Live in Authenticity, It’s Your Best Character Attribute in your quest to self-define yourself in matters of personal and professional expansion.

Certified Personal Development Coach (ICF).

Taylor McGhee

Feedback greatly appreciated

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