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Cultivating Yourself in 2018

To Live Life more Abundantly you must first embrace your present realities to move forward.

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Stable Dispositons

I’ve been away for a little while however I’ve carried all of you that follow me in my heart. So I greet you today, Namaste, my friends, I hope peace and blessings have been at your side in my absence. Have you been conscientious in your behaviors and your actions? Have you opened your heart and befriended another. I trust that you all have been gifting love without a doubt. Let’s do some catching up. It has been an exciting summer and fall. I’ve tackled every subject under the sun in graduate psychology, and I’m proud to say it’s off to doctoral studies in 2015. I hope that you all have made significant accomplishments. There has been an overwhelming surge of cognitive dissonance in my peers, and I guess I’m the girl of compassionate wisdom. The philosopher of logic, spiritual teaching, and the enhancer of self-identities. I’ve become the person one seeks when things have become so inconsistent that the need for cognitive (stable dispositions) re-adjustments and behaviors have now become my forte. I’m appreciative of those who seek my discretionary abilities. Today we address the issue of cognitive dissonance from theorist Festinger, L., (1957), and I hope from you understanding the concept you can apply some consistency to your lives. Cognitive dissonance is a mental representation of internal conflict (disharmony) that arises from contradictions in beliefs, values, morals, judgments, behaviors and attitudes. Whoa, that was a mouthful. When dissonance occurs, individuals are faced with a spectrum (happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, fear, apprehension etc.) of emotions that are situational. How do we self-balance again when we are spiritual conflicted? You find a place where you can mentally decompress and begin to assert yourself again from a psychological state that is balanced and consistent (harmonious) in thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. We all suffer at times from unharmonious affairs of the mind however everything is fixable when you believe in yourself and have faith in the power of restoration. Our lives are complex and finding cognitive consonance in your worries will not surface overnight. However, placing it into God’s hands will give you peace in the midst of your troubles that will allow you to assess the dilemmas critically before you and move you to an inspired discernment.
Be at Peace & Cognitive Consonance
Namaste Taylor

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Beauty, Empowerment, & Independence (part 1).

👛 👑 👠 I was asked a question in passing yesterday of what defines beauty and so I thought I’d share my perspective with you. If you agree I’d love 2 hear from you. Beauty is a subjective concept that registers definition only through the eyes of the beholder. Is beauty tangible? It is,  we see it in a collective state of imagery. It is reflected in human spirit, canvases of art or human faces among other things. It can be found in the serenity of water, the peaceful view of a sunset, the twinkling of stars or in the simplicity of pink rose petals. However, today I answer yesterday’s inquiry of what it means to be beautiful. Beauty from a woman’s perspective  my conscious awareness to yours. Beauty , a philosophy,  that is etched into our souls that is reflected through our  visual Images. It presents to the world that you are beautifully spirited, minded, confidant, and independent. Couple these elements with resilience, independence and you mold a phenomenal Phenomenal woman. A woman who knows her worth and the key to beauty is inner peace, outward expressions of grace, and quantifiable strengths. That in itself breeds a woman that’s on fire, successful and driven who realizes that the chemical imbalance of fire sets a determination that erupts from within. She embraces the world with self-esteem, confidence, complimentary attitudes of grace magnified by constructs of dignified control. She embodies within one temple, a synergy of womanly attributes which contrast and define me, she, her, and you. Summary, Mi Amore, when you incorporate this universal mantra, you become the most beautiful, phenomenal woman walking this Godly earth for without thee we are nothing but invisible shells of femininity. Remember this ladies, Beauty gravitates toward life, and the world gravitates toward her which is you, and Mother Earth will bow down to greet you. So I offer you this, be beautifully spirited, confident, and courageously independent and when you’ve achieved this definition your are Beauty which is always Radiantly Brilliant ! Namaste💬💬💬

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Lingering Dreams!!

Have you ever had a dream that lies just beyond your reach. A fossilized construct that begs your attention. It visits your subconscious every now and then to affirm its conception so that you never forget its nagging presence. If your anything like me full of desires and the notion that everything you dream can in reality be achieved you’ve come to understand that a dream realized takes time and perseverance. I’ve had many dreams. Some that have chased me from adolescence year after year and I work on them in order of creativity and preference. You see, for me, Dreams have their place in time along with the balancing of our everyday lives. As woman we have been socialized to consider our family first. Then once our lives afford some space we move towards our subconscious thoughts to be realized. Lingering Dreams are God’s whispers of possibilities purposed to find fulfillment in your self-identity. Examine how his will in your life is deposited into your dreams. Dreams are universal signs of encouragement that empower your existence to step out and gain your objectives. I’ve had a lingering dream which rest on the pads of my fingertips. They are just within my reach but need a little more attention to will them into the palm of my hand. I’m following the path that has been illustrated for me through those dreams. One day I will claim my position revealed to me. I’m sure you all have had a dream or two that persists so let’s commit ourselves today, allowing your dreams to breathe, grab life and succeed. Make time to understand your universal blessing extend your reach grab hold and don’t let go. Pink post-it’s surround my existence, frankly, they tease and seduce my cognitive abilities. To affirm your dreams put reminder notes around your home of the dreams you wish to achieve. Find your perfect color and post your very first today. Dreams rest in our subconscious, waiting for an introduction, and achieved by our devotion.
Namaste, Taylor

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Baggage, Burdens and Disillusions

It’s been 23 days since I’ve put pen to paper and truth be told it’s because the spirit of wisdom and writing was void for a moment in my life as I continue to battle my own personal transitions an sought clarity to relieve the burdens in my trajectory. As humans we all face times of uncertainty, disillusion and disheartenment. There are many instances in life that can emotionally and physical give us setbacks and steal our joy. However, the key to handling the baggage, burdens and disillusions is to find a place of solace. A place to safely unwind, where you can be at peace with yourself and the afflictions that are weighing you down.
Every day is another day that allows us to make things better for our existence. Every day is another day that the essence of our humanity is stretched beyond our healthy core. What helps me in times of trouble is the spirit of courage, to never give up, to learn valuable lessons while giving a lesson in the process. By holding the hands of those that follow this blog and allowing your comments an expression of encouragement to nurture and continual strengthen my passion and personal devotion to conscientious and purposeful living.
Over the years I’ve made worthy deposits into my life with things such as virtue, commitment, accountability, diligence, respect, and above all my trust and faith in God. What I now know when it comes to personal baggage, burdens and disillusion is that there are no shortcuts to relief and recovery. We must do the work to keep ourselves on track, focused and healthy. Life is about living and living graciously. Life is not promised to be burden free but it is graciously gifted for you to construct a solid foundation that can survive any storm. Sometimes we must empower ourselves and tow our own lifeline to persevere when you have no one to trust with your experiences or secrets.
Humans are amazing warriors and although our arms are two short to box with God he has given us a voice to call his name when we are in need of assistance. Allow me to say to you that wounds of the heart, flesh and soul can and will stagnate you! Drop your baggage, burdens, disillusions and maltreatment of any kind where you stand and propel yourself to a healthier, wiser better you.
Lift your eyes to the hills from which your help and strength comes (Psalm 121). May the spirit of God continue to guide and protect you. Release the toxicities in your life today, whether they be friends, family, relationships or careers.
Empower you for you empower me.
Namaste, Taylor