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Remembering Dr. King’s Dream in Contemporary America

Crossroads, Hope, and Legacy

I Have a Dream

Today the world began again as the month of February ended for people of color that was meant to celebrate, honor and dignify there presence in contemporary America. A nation miles away from the foreign soil that bears lineage and legacy to their ancestors. What hasn’t changed in the decades since Dr. King walked the nation offering peaceful protest to right the social ills of America? African America’s are still murdered without persecution and voting rights are violated at polling centers around the nation for majority gains among a host of other things. As I look back over the month I ask myself what would Dr. King have to say about the events that transpired in February remember Virginia Governor Northam’s blackface and KKK incident in addition to his covert narcissism playing on center stage. The house of Gucci producing blackface sweater and calling it fashion. Let’s not forget about Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax and Robert Kelly alleged sexual misconduct and rape charges. Oh, did I forget to include our chief officer President’s Trump’s racist attacks on african scholars, congresswoman, journalist etc and his war on immigrants and that ridiculous border wall? All I can say is the multiple stains that occurred in Black History month is profoundly disgraceful. In the following passage, I delivered this speech to my Toastmasters club to bring a peaceful reminder that we are all human and we share more things in common than we think. Today I would like to share with you 3 important words about the nobleman who inspired this speech. 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Oxford dictionary defines Crossroads as a crucial point in time that requires a decision to be made. Hope as a desire with expectation of fulfillment and legacy as a gift that is given or received by an ancestor, predecessor, or something transferred from the past. Today I speak to you of a man whose courage answered a national crisis, who inspired hope and positivity among oppressed and non-oppressed citizens and forge a legacy that instituted peace of mind, a promise of a future free from civil right violations, promoted the gospel to love your neighbor as yourself, and to serve our nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

I remember the first time I heard his voice. His voice was full of courage, compassion, optimism, knowledge, and wisdom. A spiritualist and person of excellence and distinction. He was my elder and his message of peaceful protest changed my life forever. 

Like Dr. King, I’ve had my crossroads, I hoped, believed, and constructed my legacy also to be of service, purpose, and the love for others. As Dr. King’s life diminished in 1968 my life was just beginning. I was raised on his message of peaceful interaction, compromising solutions, and the respect for human life. Each year my life plan is reawakened from the resounding temperament of his voice as it travels across radios, television, and social media streams. His reminder to be of service and find your purpose inspires me even more so today. The moral of this speech. Every decade brings uncertainty.  


We all have a calling a divine purpose we must answer to if you do nothing with this declaration, do this, clarify your objectives. The question today is whether or not you will answer to your calling or sit on the sidelines of your life. 
Fellow members, honored guest 
Together we stand, and United we rise.
May you conquer your Crossroads
Expect your hopes to be fulfilled
Build your Legacies

Dr. King proclaimed, Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter and the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in the moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. 
Crossroads, Hope, and Legacy! 
Say it with me 
Break Barriers, not Human Spirit. Choose Inclusion before Exclusion

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The Train Called Greatness

Empowerment & Self-Identity you can't have one without the other

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I entered my office this morning to do some academic cleaning between classes and noticed Greene’s book on the corner of my desk along with some of my other best reads. The book vibrant in color or shall I say scholarly in presence is deep orange and royal blue.  Its a wonderful read full of power, philosophies, knowledge based etiquette, motivation, and certainties. As I began to shuffle papers and folder categorize old research papers on my desktop my intuition told me to open the book and draw upon its lawful influences from the first observed page my fingers rested upon. So I found myself on (pg. 282) law 34, where the message is quite profound as it relates to observational judgement. Law 34, states in its address to the concept of judgement. ” the way you carry yourself will often determine how you are treated: In the long run, appearing vulgar or common will make people disrespect you. For a King/Queen respects his/her self and inspires the same sentiment in others. By acting regally and confident of your powers, you make yourself seem destined to wear a crown” (Robert Greene, 1998).
This book remains at the corner of my desk as it helps to keep me focused on my own aspirations and it serves a dual purpose in my connection to you.  To summarize Greene’s passage, Live your life with passion and royally. Make your mark on the world or your position in life as the younger generation posits on fleek.  Allow the spirit of reverence to catapult you into your most cherished dream. Find a scholarly reference guide to encourage and support your aspirations and if you happen upon this favorite (The 48 Laws of Power ) allow the energy of the principles to galvanize your next agenda. Remember to never tilt your crown, hold your head up high and may the highest arch of its design always point towards the heavens so your abundantly blessed.
Be your Greatest self, Taylor
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First Impressions Lasting Perceptions

As we navigate throughout our personal and professional objectives remember you are always being observed. Negativity arises when we are careless in our awareness and the manner in which we articulate our desires and concerns. Although the world moves at its own pace you have the power to control your perceptions and behavior. Humbly shine within the light of grace and goodness. For you can never control how you are perceived but you can always deliver your Best !
Be good to yourself and your image
Namaste 🙂

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The Literary Mother of Poetic Grace 1928-2014

I awaken to sadness but realize the gift that blessed my life with her poetic eloquence and wisdom has entered the kingdom of the exalted. Although she has transcended the flesh into the spiritual world of universal life her words of sincerity, empowerment and inspiration will live within the consciousness of the blood that sustain life through our hearts. God has retrieved his angel of divinity she will spread her wings to protect, guide and ultimately bless us. You are my source of literary inspiration, I know why the caged bird sang and what it means to stand gracefully and humbly Phenomenal and a Woman
Until we meet again! Dove
Well done servant of God your free.

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Curvaceous Words of Advice

Always shine in your best light for you can never control someone’s perception of you. It is your humane duty to be humble, forgiving and empathetic to others while you walk this journey entitled life. Be ethical, considerate, and most of all love and embrace your image. Keep it from harms way your halo of Fabulousity depends on it. 💬