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Empowering Yourself in 2018

Empower thyself

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Gifting Positivity

Say Yes to PositivityEach day we awaken God tenders grace over our existence.  His merciful blessing allowing us to once again interact with the world. It is his hope that we gift positivity in our travels through positive engagements. Can you recall the last time you gifted a kind word, shared a smile, hugged someone or simply said I support your endeavors? Well,  its never too late? Start today by Saying Yes to Positivity.


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Stable Dispositons

I’ve been away for a little while however I’ve carried all of you that follow me in my heart. So I greet you today, Namaste, my friends, I hope peace and blessings have been at your side in my absence. Have you been conscientious in your behaviors and your actions? Have you opened your heart and befriended another. I trust that you all have been gifting love without a doubt. Let’s do some catching up. It has been an exciting summer and fall. I’ve tackled every subject under the sun in graduate psychology, and I’m proud to say it’s off to doctoral studies in 2015. I hope that you all have made significant accomplishments. There has been an overwhelming surge of cognitive dissonance in my peers, and I guess I’m the girl of compassionate wisdom. The philosopher of logic, spiritual teaching, and the enhancer of self-identities. I’ve become the person one seeks when things have become so inconsistent that the need for cognitive (stable dispositions) re-adjustments and behaviors have now become my forte. I’m appreciative of those who seek my discretionary abilities. Today we address the issue of cognitive dissonance from theorist Festinger, L., (1957), and I hope from you understanding the concept you can apply some consistency to your lives. Cognitive dissonance is a mental representation of internal conflict (disharmony) that arises from contradictions in beliefs, values, morals, judgments, behaviors and attitudes. Whoa, that was a mouthful. When dissonance occurs, individuals are faced with a spectrum (happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, fear, apprehension etc.) of emotions that are situational. How do we self-balance again when we are spiritual conflicted? You find a place where you can mentally decompress and begin to assert yourself again from a psychological state that is balanced and consistent (harmonious) in thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. We all suffer at times from unharmonious affairs of the mind however everything is fixable when you believe in yourself and have faith in the power of restoration. Our lives are complex and finding cognitive consonance in your worries will not surface overnight. However, placing it into God’s hands will give you peace in the midst of your troubles that will allow you to assess the dilemmas critically before you and move you to an inspired discernment.
Be at Peace & Cognitive Consonance
Namaste Taylor

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Resolutions for 2014

🎉🎉🎉 A New Year for New Beginnings
Each year on the first of the first month we press restart and reinvent ourselves all over again. We are given the opportunity to right the wrongs, revise another dream. Love and leave unfulfilling objectives or simply apologize for all that we conceptualized but never achieved. If your blue that’s not the golden rule. Wipe away those feelings we all have shortcomings, I apologize for me and you, Release yourself from any burdens of regrets. The creator would endorse that. We all envision a life filled with gracious rewards, starter or larger homes, marriage, babies and a husband we truly adore. Today is the day of wonderful things to come if we learn from our mistakes and incorporate optimism and faith into our daily affirmations. Last years mistakes let them change your perspective enjoy new opportunities to create magnificent plans of reinvention. As the butterfly emerges from its protective shelter so do we each time the calendar rebirths us at the beginning of each new year. We have been blessed with the unique ability of adaptation and correction it is what guides our trajectories into self gratification. We are simply human! Implement new guidelines.
Out with the old
In with the new
Forget about your worries
Things will turn around for you
Life turns another page
Possibly a chapter or two
Fear not the unexpected
Know this!
You can’t organize personal satisfaction
Destiny drives it own course
Sometimes relaxing control
Navigates you into your highest objectives!
🎉 Happy New Year, Namaste

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Monday Blues

Monday Blues

                          Get in bed by 10pm                        

To rise again at 6am

As the warm water encapsulates me

Cleansed, refreshed with the scent of vanilla mist

I’m feeling femme and stellar

The coffee maker brews at the top of the hour

In the distance I hear the phone ringing

Blow drying my tresses, the nannies late again

Major traffic delays on 55wman

The boss is going to ride my gluteus again

Monday Blues

OMG it’s happening again

It seems as if everyone is still asleep

Having out of body experiences, could that be

Wake up! It’s Monday

Assistant blunders, copy machine jams, website crashes

God, I’m stressed, it’s time for my noon mocha latte again

Everything that can go wrong is multiplied times ten

Here I sit holding back droplets of frustrated tears

That yearn to scream, shout and cry it’s pandemonium in here out loud

Monday Blues, are harsh but true

Full of stress and confusion

Convoluted messages stir all around you

Fatigued co-workers not completely checked in

Daydreaming of Tuesday to come alive and worthwhile

Snail speed cognition slowly awakening the start of the week

Monday blues are always the same

In bed by 10pm

To rise again by 6am

 Monday’s are always slow to start

It’s time to take charge without doubts

Others depend on you

So Press the power of restart!frustrated mondays

It begins with Monday and You.

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Truth and Meaning a mere thought

imagesCAPN3NZE Quite often we need to look outside of our own understanding to gain the real identity of a proposition. Does love look like this definition or something totally different. Men and women both suffer in matters of the heart. Individuals should take the time to properly assess  attachments before aligning your heart and soul to something that does not honor our represent you both philosophically and emotionally. Have reverence for the temple that sustains you. Find the truth and meaning of your suitors before casting your sails, May your journeys be filled with utter bliss and fulfillment which is love!

Emotional Support

Blessings in Disguise

I asked for strength
And God gave me difficulties to make me strong.
I asked for wisdom
And God gave me problems to solve.
I asked for prosperity
And God gave me brains and brawn to work
I asked for courage
And God gave me dangers to overcome.
I asked for love
And God gave me opportunities
I received nothing I wanted.
I received everything I needed.
My prayers have been answered.