About Taylor McGhee

Welcome, I’m Taylor McGhee, the founder of Living Your Truth Empowerment Agency LLC. As an advocate & consultant of truth I possess a multi-dimensional background in humanities, psychology, legalities and social policy; with a devotional passion for encouraging, inspiring,  and motivating God’s children especially women. As a retired law enforcement correctional specialist and graduate student of psychology, I developed a passion for writing in my teens, cultivating the gift all throughout my adult trajectory as a way of relaxation, conflict resolution, and journal therapy. This outlet catalyzed other creative endeavors, e.g., authoring, poetry, blogging along with becoming a literary creator and revisionist editor. The art of language and the formatting of words is very emotional to me and through my writing capabilities, I’ve been able to touch so many with this passion. Over the years my peers have always inspired me proclaiming me a master of communication, with emphasis on education, spiritual enlightenment, and female empowerment. My concern for women is indescribable it’s what directs me daily. I continuously enhance my abilities to listen with empathy and increased sensitivity to deliver the truth without bias, judgment or ridicule. People tend to underestimate the power of words as a result of this I’m an advocate of all things favorably written. In all things written and spoken I know the entanglements and dangers of poor communication. People don’t fully understand the damaging effects of ill-chosen or bullied words. I created my agency and this blog to impact the numerous individual who is in need of supportive commentary to get them through difficulties they may be experiencing.
How I Came to Be a Personal Development Empowerment Coach
In 2005, I was involved in a near fatal motor vehicle accident which nearly took my life and broke every bone waist down. Those injuries changed my life and left me emotionally and physically suppressed for years. The admittance to a nursing home for half a year and immobile for two plus years took my breath away. After many sleepless nights and prayer, I found myself elated by the blessing of life and humble to be among the living. Twelve surgeries later God gave me another platform to deliver the testimony of resilience, strength, perseverance, and truth. Having suffered such a problematic setback of which I had no clue on how to map my trajectory led me to constant prayer and after many years of asking for discernment. I found my reinvention and revitalization. Searching for peace and self-identity is a continuing state of progress. My pain was disheartening, stifling and unimaginable but I knew I had to remain healthy for my self-actualization. I’m humbled by the grace and wholeness I’ve reclaimed, and it was not easy. A divorced mother of one plus a grandchild I had to rise to the occasion and never waiver. The difficulties in transcending my cognitive stressors and physical disabilities were not going to break me. Sometimes life gives us lemons, but the determined spirit never gives up. The spirit of a woman gains its composure learns to navigate trials and disappointments subsequently turning those experiences into mindful milestones in recovery. Truth and authenticity is my mission I realize I have a lot to offer in resilence, the power of focus, motivation, and mindset planning to bring about healthy recovery and self-introspection for the next woman and all who follow. Not just pleasantries to cuddle one’s limitations but techniques to unlock whatever’s holding you back from being your best self.
Discovering my new norm has proven to be quite difficult over the past years but God placed clarity and decision in my life in the latter part of 2012 and empowering humanity has proven to be my primary focus and the true love if my life. Helping to empower others is purposely ingrained in me. The combination of many years of Correctional Supervision, Violent Crimes Training,  Judicial Court Advocacy, and Personal Mentoring Relationship in human services, colleagues, family, children, and friends I’ve found my niche purposing you. You are invited to the truth of life inspiration, positive motivation and an exploration of the examined life.

Feedback greatly appreciated

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