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Afternoon Brainstorming w/Coach Taylor

Afternoon Brainstormfullsizeoutput_7b7Life is better when you have a coach to empower you through the cognitive storms.

2 thoughts on “Afternoon Brainstorming w/Coach Taylor”

  1. Since November 2017 to date you have been going hard with LIVING YOUR TRUTH and I want to thank you for it (especially today’s post) a lot of things in my life have changed since I got hit by a car I stopped smoking October 7, 2017 and I stopped drinking January 24, 2018 I know it’s only been 29 days and I will drink socially again but I just wanted to slow down and focus on me AND LIVING YOUR TRUTH HAS HELPED ME TREMENDOUSLY. (I bought 10 pairs of shoes last week with the extra money from not drinking plus I saved a whole lot of money which made me happy) I want to start focusing on an even better government job as I plan to retire in 2 no more than 3 years although I can live comfortably on my salary I KNOW I CAN DO BETTER and I will. Thanks for your positive uplifting post today I learned to put stuff on paper and start achieving my goals (you’ve been my life coach since November 2017 without even knowing it) i’m looking forward to seeing how much I progress in the next five months


    1. Hi Beauty, I’m Sorry about the accident I hope your healing extraordinarly from it and from the sound of your achievements you are doing just fine. I’m overjoyed at the goals you have managed to achieve in light of the distracting behaviors you once gave into. What’s super impressive is your self-awareness and confidence in knowing you had to Pivot your life to change your circumstances and you’ve done it so humbly. Great job on those shoes lol. I’m blessed to be considered your coach and your following the tips and tools. I look forward to inspiring you more in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. Stay Enlightened, Encouraged, and Empowered; remember the three E’s 🙂 and you’ll succeed.


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