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Curvaceous Words of Advice

Always shine in your best light for you can never control someone's perception of you. It is your humane duty to be humble, forgiving and empathetic to others while you walk this journey entitled life. Be ethical, considerate, and most of all love and embrace your image. Keep it from harms way your halo of… Continue reading Curvaceous Words of Advice

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Introspection, Repression, Psychological Expansion


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Savior’s Day

Happy Resurrection Day When we celebrate his greatest gift of Mankind we worship him with reverence. Living life through his perfect image we are Gracefully Blessed and Highly Favored!

GRACE & HUMILITY, Inspirational, PRAYER, Truth

Religion, Light Hearts & Imperfections

It’s Sunday, as we prepare this day to enter worship houses of our Lord and Savior, I remind you to keep a light heart and that the spirit of God lives within each and every one of us. It is through his Holy Spirit that we are continuously infused with the Goodness of Grace, the… Continue reading Religion, Light Hearts & Imperfections