Empowerment, Inspirational, Motivation

Lingering Dreams!!

Have you ever had a dream that lies just beyond your reach. A fossilized construct that begs your attention. It visits your subconscious every now and then to affirm its conception so that you never forget its nagging presence. If your anything like me full of desires and the notion that everything you dream can in reality be achieved you’ve come to understand that a dream realized takes time and perseverance. I’ve had many dreams. Some that have chased me from adolescence year after year and I work on them in order of creativity and preference. You see, for me, Dreams have their place in time along with the balancing of our everyday lives. As woman we have been socialized to consider our family first. Then once our lives afford some space we move towards our subconscious thoughts to be realized. Lingering Dreams are God’s whispers of possibilities purposed to find fulfillment in your self-identity. Examine how his will in your life is deposited into your dreams. Dreams are universal signs of encouragement that empower your existence to step out and gain your objectives. I’ve had a lingering dream which rest on the pads of my fingertips. They are just within my reach but need a little more attention to will them into the palm of my hand. I’m following the path that has been illustrated for me through those dreams. One day I will claim my position revealed to me. I’m sure you all have had a dream or two that persists so let’s commit ourselves today, allowing your dreams to breathe, grab life and succeed. Make time to understand your universal blessing extend your reach grab hold and don’t let go. Pink post-it’s surround my existence, frankly, they tease and seduce my cognitive abilities. To affirm your dreams put reminder notes around your home of the dreams you wish to achieve. Find your perfect color and post your very first today. Dreams rest in our subconscious, waiting for an introduction, and achieved by our devotion.
Namaste, Taylor

Feedback greatly appreciated

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