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Resolutions for 2014

🎉🎉🎉 A New Year for New Beginnings
Each year on the first of the first month we press restart and reinvent ourselves all over again. We are given the opportunity to right the wrongs, revise another dream. Love and leave unfulfilling objectives or simply apologize for all that we conceptualized but never achieved. If your blue that’s not the golden rule. Wipe away those feelings we all have shortcomings, I apologize for me and you, Release yourself from any burdens of regrets. The creator would endorse that. We all envision a life filled with gracious rewards, starter or larger homes, marriage, babies and a husband we truly adore. Today is the day of wonderful things to come if we learn from our mistakes and incorporate optimism and faith into our daily affirmations. Last years mistakes let them change your perspective enjoy new opportunities to create magnificent plans of reinvention. As the butterfly emerges from its protective shelter so do we each time the calendar rebirths us at the beginning of each new year. We have been blessed with the unique ability of adaptation and correction it is what guides our trajectories into self gratification. We are simply human! Implement new guidelines.
Out with the old
In with the new
Forget about your worries
Things will turn around for you
Life turns another page
Possibly a chapter or two
Fear not the unexpected
Know this!
You can’t organize personal satisfaction
Destiny drives it own course
Sometimes relaxing control
Navigates you into your highest objectives!
🎉 Happy New Year, Namaste

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