Greatest Gift

Are you living and receiving your greatest gift imaginable

The gift of your authentic self, your hopes and desires

If not

Speak them into the highest  order of creation

For you are worthy in all measures of  abundance

Seek thy master first in all your pursuits

Then watch your life take direction and purpose

For your universe without the king is infinite space

The stars can’t shine alone

Without the creator who placed them there

Turn up, Get Started

 Life is a temporary institution

Live it Courageously!


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“A body without a brain is a dead proposition”

Living your Truth LLC
Deborah Taylor McGhee
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Trapped or Free

   We live in a world afraid to be free

Never trusting ourselves

To jump the fence

That leads to our destiny

The box that entraps your individuality

Measures the same on all sides you see

Why don’t you just run, jump, trust and believe

Step outside its easier than you can see

The box is intangible

Therefore it can’t hold thee

All things are possible

If you dare yourself to see

Why didn’t you trust your inner spirit?

That you carelessly imprisoned and threw away the key

Find your faith open your heart

Trust and then believe

Grab your freedom stop yearning

It’s possible when you believe

Can’t you try

The box is powerless

Full of emotional debris

You were once sad

Hindered in an empty box

No good for you or me

There’s only one way out

Fill your temple with joyful glee

Claim your future

Dare yourself to free yourself

Out of the trapped box of misery

Grab the key unlock the box

For what is a box without a lock?

A cage forever free

The cage is now broken

Live, your truth authentically

And love thyself

©All rights reserved, living your truth organization LLC August 29, 2013