Daily Affirmation, Discernments, GRACE & HUMILITY

Dream Catchers

dreamcatcher slip
Tashee & Armani
Always dream a peaceful sleep.
For those dreams are undiscovered realities.
It is here in that subconscious realm of ideologies.
That you dare to be everything that you should be.
So catch a dream as you sleep tonight.
Remember to fight those bad illusions of fright.
Gather your spirit and walk on the wind.
Share a fancy tale of what you shall come to be.
You are who you profess to be.
A dream catchers goddess
Full of hope, promise, truth and inspired authenticity.
Living your Truth Publications 2013
Taylor’s Literary Designs

Daily Affirmation, Imperfectly Human

Invisible Beauty

” Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it”


Empowerment, Truth


“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without”

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Empowerment, FEMME POWER

My Life

“Life is hardly ever perfect

¬†It should always be of worth and full of pink!”

Taylor McGhee

Living your Truth Organization Publications

copyright protected 2013

Empowerment, GRACE & HUMILITY, Truth

Beautiful Fools


I’ve heard this adage

Time and time again

Never allow your beauty to outshine

                                                                                                                                                               beautiful fools image                                                                                                                                                                      Your charismatic personality

                                                                                                                                                              Personable intellect and seductive smile

For beautiful fools have no tools

They simply age then fade

Bye Bye

Unlike your brain

Two hemispheres, four lobes and cerebral cortex

A perfect synergy of beautiful success

Uniquely designed

Twerking neurons of sparking synapses

Igniting orgasmic

Theories, Propositions and hypotheticals

A muse of sheer perfection

 Days, months and years have come and gone

So have beautiful fools lost without survival tools

Fearful of the wrinkles they’ve found

Beautiful fools where does true beauty lie

Youthfulness doesn’t stand the test of time

We all begin to fade

Collagen tastefully can’t be¬†replaced

The key to real beauty

Is in the size of your brain

Inspired by its content

Science, art, philosophy and technology

Crow’s feet, spanks, dark circles and fine lines

Will win the war of beauty every time

Open a book

Capture the secrets between the lines

Luminous beauty lives in the cultivated mind

Living your Truth Publication, Taylor McGhee

All rights reserved, copyright protected October 2013

Daily Affirmation, Discernments

Perfect Plans

Success is at the end of every footstep

It all begins within

Set your course

Keep on moving

Follow through

You’re bound to get there

Focus on your strengths

Those passions which ignite you

They will lead you there


Success is at the end of every positive thought

Envision, affirm, believe, then achieve

Wow, you’re halfway there


Success is at the end of every dream

You’re powerful, it‚Äôs up to you

Set your course

Nurture those inspirational thoughts


Success is hardly ever a perfect plan

It develops when you least expect

It all begins within

Set your course

Keep moving

Follow through

You’re 3/4’s¬†there


Success is at the end of every footsteps

It’s a wise plan coming into fruition

Concentrate, believe, know you will succeed

Wow, your damn near there

Set your pace, priorities first

Now! that’s a magnificent plan

thCAKXWVSSYou’ve found your courage

You’re blessed

Thank God, for perfect plans ‚ėļ


©All Rights Reserved

Deborah Taylor McGhee

Living your Truth Organization LLC

Taylor’s Literary Designs Publication

August 9, 2013