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Power of Vulnerability and Daring Greatly


Caught an awesome broadcast on the above topic’s with Dr. Brene Brown on Oprah’s life-class. Of course  I took some notes always in empowerment mode, as the illustration suggest so here goes. Take from this what you will but I hope that somewhere along the words and lines you find  growth and most of all the power to show your softer side to those you value and trust. The message is  Daring Greatly while being vulnerability to initiate change or allow your emotions to be transparent to those that count. If you have the ability to retrieve this broadcast which aired this past weekend then do so you won’t regret having a front row seat in your life and personal circumstances. So, this is what I came away with.
Life is about showing up, being open-hearted and being seen
It is possible to be brave and afraid simultaneously
Engineer great things
Don’t allow things to cage, limit or keep you small
If you show up in your life it’s inevitable to fail at something’s don’t get discouraged
If others aren’t striving or risking themselves they are irrelevant and poor critics
Never wonder what it would have felt like if you don’t take the time to show up
Showing up has its dangers
Learn to be yourself at all cost
Vulnerability begets vulnerability
Vulnerability is the birth place of innovation, courage, trust, intimacy and connection
Share with people who have earned the right to hear your story
Bare your soul without any guarantees
Vulnerability is saying I love you first
People don’t yearn for perfection but want flawed and real
The reflections of you when your vulnerable are priceless Picasso
In the absence of love and belonging is suffering
We all want love and connection which are the key’s to vulnerability
Well I’ve said more than a mouthful and I hope it’s been helpful.
Namaste, Taylor
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Baggage, Burdens and Disillusions

It’s been 23 days since I’ve put pen to paper and truth be told it’s because the spirit of wisdom and writing was void for a moment in my life as I continue to battle my own personal transitions an sought clarity to relieve the burdens in my trajectory. As humans we all face times of uncertainty, disillusion and disheartenment. There are many instances in life that can emotionally and physical give us setbacks and steal our joy. However, the key to handling the baggage, burdens and disillusions is to find a place of solace. A place to safely unwind, where you can be at peace with yourself and the afflictions that are weighing you down.
Every day is another day that allows us to make things better for our existence. Every day is another day that the essence of our humanity is stretched beyond our healthy core. What helps me in times of trouble is the spirit of courage, to never give up, to learn valuable lessons while giving a lesson in the process. By holding the hands of those that follow this blog and allowing your comments an expression of encouragement to nurture and continual strengthen my passion and personal devotion to conscientious and purposeful living.
Over the years I’ve made worthy deposits into my life with things such as virtue, commitment, accountability, diligence, respect, and above all my trust and faith in God. What I now know when it comes to personal baggage, burdens and disillusion is that there are no shortcuts to relief and recovery. We must do the work to keep ourselves on track, focused and healthy. Life is about living and living graciously. Life is not promised to be burden free but it is graciously gifted for you to construct a solid foundation that can survive any storm. Sometimes we must empower ourselves and tow our own lifeline to persevere when you have no one to trust with your experiences or secrets.
Humans are amazing warriors and although our arms are two short to box with God he has given us a voice to call his name when we are in need of assistance. Allow me to say to you that wounds of the heart, flesh and soul can and will stagnate you! Drop your baggage, burdens, disillusions and maltreatment of any kind where you stand and propel yourself to a healthier, wiser better you.
Lift your eyes to the hills from which your help and strength comes (Psalm 121). May the spirit of God continue to guide and protect you. Release the toxicities in your life today, whether they be friends, family, relationships or careers.
Empower you for you empower me.
Namaste, Taylor