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Truth and Meaning a mere thought

imagesCAPN3NZE Quite often we need to look outside of our own understanding to gain the real identity of a proposition. Does love look like this definition or something totally different. Men and women both suffer in matters of the heart. Individuals should take the time to properly assess  attachments before aligning your heart and soul to something that does not honor our represent you both philosophically and emotionally. Have reverence for the temple that sustains you. Find the truth and meaning of your suitors before casting your sails, May your journeys be filled with utter bliss and fulfillment which is love!

1 thought on “Truth and Meaning a mere thought”

  1. I agree with your thoughts wholeheartedly. However, when you meet someone and things just fit sometimes you have to take a chance and live , that’s the way I see things. You only get one life and if you don’t enjoy it then what is the purpose, Although I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be caution at the same time.I’m JUST SAYING ……Your blog is awesome!


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