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Rise above expectation have the world salute you, You’re Worthy

"When we treat a man as he is, we make him worse than he is. When we treat him as if he is already what he potentially could bewe make him what he should be." Albert Sample

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Truth and Meaning a mere thought

Quite often we need to look outside of our own understanding to gain the real identity of a proposition. Does love look like this definition or something totally different. Men and women both suffer in matters of the heart. Individuals should take the time to properly assess  attachments before aligning your heart and soul to… Continue reading Truth and Meaning a mere thought

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Winged Heart Flutters

If my heart could glide on the wings of butterflies I would encircle you with passionate kisses Cast glimmers of  sunshine that twinkle in your eyes Illuminating every adorable angle of your  face I'd glide  to the sounds of the Tambora around your hips  Illuminating every adorable angle of your  thighs Slip slide up and down the… Continue reading Winged Heart Flutters

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Girl Talk Tranquility

Envision the Lotus Pond, Beautiful and Serene. Where does your imagination flow.  Is it filled with love that overflows. Transcend your reality find serenity within. Float away into the Zen Pond Please come in.  Relax, Relate and Release your  frustration and  turmoil.  Remember you're  Awesome and Unique. You're  the cre'me de la cre'me.  Keep your… Continue reading Girl Talk Tranquility