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What, Did You Say Luv!

Sorry,  Sorry, and  Sorry again!

Your words are an extension of your thoughts

  imagesCAJDNN0X  Keep your feelings pure

Your mind open

Your emotions transparent

  Live principled, authentic and true 

                                                                           The universe follows you

                                                             Never have to say I’m Sorry!


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Mi especial, Femmes, Women, Senorita’s, Ladies, Donne,

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Daily Affirmation, Empowerment, Girl Power, Imperfectly Human, Inspirational

Shadow Thoughts for Ta’shee

cropped-1334513-women-pink-shawdow.jpgWhat do you see when you view me

Is it the darkness of the shadow

That surrounds me

Do you live within the borders

The black, pink and cream

Does your essence travel continual to other destinies
Where does your heart lie
Is it soaring gracefully
With imaginable thoughts of fuschia and green
Living outside the borders free
What do you see when you view me
A woman of strength cloaked in mystery
If I touch you will you touch me
Hear my whispers
Awakening you
To awaken me
Whats in your shadow
Shaping Destinies

Motivation, Perceptions of Heart, Sensitivity, Truth

Blank Pages

What if you had the opportunity to draft your life over?

Given a blank page

Where would you begin?

Would you change your DNA?

Your social class



Or simply take a ride in 1st  class

What if you could draft your life all over again?

Erasing all your pain, anger and fear

I’m giving you a blank page to take your life back 

And escape your fears

Travel to a place full of  dreams

A place of new idea’s

A new map to success

An expression of  love to a friend

A Kindness

An Apology

Or a Blank Page,


You have the power to create a new piece of mind!

Start today

Write your first page  in the comment lines.

Go get a pen, Let’s begin?

Affirmation, Emotional Support, Empowerment, Resilence

Be A Warrior in your Own Life


Empowerment, Humanity

Who are You!

When you awoke today did you first thank God for the blessings of life, then for the person that he uniquely created.
Who are You?
       Tell the World a Personal Revelation.
      Fill it with your Essence.

Personal Revelations
Personal Revelations
Discernments, Girl Power, Inspirational


Choose your allies graciously
And your enemies strategically
You will profoundly learn
From them both
Every infraction is not meant to scar but Cast a beautiful blemish of courage to Ignite your spirit and empower your life Forever more
Warrior On,