Empowerment, Motivation, Perceptions of Heart


Aha Moments

When was your last Aha ?
Every day, there’s room for personal inspection
I believe their God’s kisses of perception
Asking for your attention, Revel in it’s presence
The subtle whispers of awareness
That you’re learning and growing in your objectives.
Acknowledging the truth of your reality
Erupting the changes beginning to unfold inside of Thee
God’s kisses for you, me, him, and all

When was your last Aha ?
Is it long overdue?
Have you been avoiding the heart that’s assigned to you
Know this, Peace comes in stillness, let it reign in you
The more you mature the easier it is to look through
To the flaws and unique design created by him to you
Find a quiet place allow your mind and soul to replenish
Unlock your inner peace, at the core of you
Let peace and love divinely attract you
Nurture yourself, with clarity, and expression
Live, Speak, Breathe, Truth, Aha.😇
God just kissed you.

© D.Taylor McGhee all rights reserved.

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