Daily Affirmation, Discernments

The falsities of Humanity


If someone would have told me that perfection is what you make it. That perfection is truly unattainable I would have frowned upon them years ago, for I tried to be perfect in every challenge I undertook. Perfection is in the mind of those you encounter, your critic’s it is they that judge and have standards of your gifts and talents. The same ideology holds true when we entertain the concept of beauty. What one may consider perfect or beautiful to some may not be all that glamorous to the next individual. independence and maturity cushions our perceptions and the bitterness of reality. The reality here is that there was only one living perfect being before us and although he tried relentlessly to remind us to be loving, humble, kind spirits we manifested imperfections occasional. I say this to say live your best life. Love yourself and respect others and through that premises the goodness of Karma will find you when you may be in need of inspiration or a caring hand to hold. As our earth is wrapped in the arms of God, my God, your God one in the same, Allow the essence of you to be the twinkle in the eyes of those who follow and trust you! Your legacy is being written as we speak, Make it Grand, Live Honorably, Kings and Queens, prince and princesses.

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