Daily Affirmation, Empowerment, Truth

Believe in Yourself and Make it Come Truth

Remember This!
Success is an attitude
Whatever your mind can conceive, you will it to achieve
Dream beautifully then work for them to come true
You are unique, talented and very special to everyone who knows you
Never affirm the words can’t, limited, inferior, not good enough
Dream, Believe, Plan, Attack
Things happen in seasons Recognize Yours
Yes, Yes, Yes you can
Believing is Gods Love encouraging and uplifting you
If at first the door doesn’t open kick the next one in LOL
Scream to the world I’m Here
Ready, Willing and Capable
Pretty, fabulous and fierce
Show the world your strong silent side
Let them know you can get the job done
Then showcase that angelic side
Professing you roar forte but you cause no harm
Your Just a warm friendly heart empathetic and complete
You dance under the stars
although you got two left feet
Believe in me, Like I Believe in You
Honor Yourself
Always tell the truth, Claim your Life
Live within Your passions
Believe in yourself and Blink it True!

Feedback greatly appreciated

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