Fairy tales

Fairy tales Did you grow up worshipping Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, and Mulan. I did, I was that little girl glued to the wonderful trip of elegance and romance yes that magical destination of disney. There I sat mesmerized, full of excitement, ponytails and silk ribbons waving my moms paddle brush wand yelling orders for… Continue reading Fairy tales

Discernments, Truth

Price Tags

Everything has a price but everything shouldn't be for sale. What is the price of your heart, your soul, your truth. In this life we will encounter several vices that vie for our attention if your not strong enough you may even fall victim to the escapades of others. Stay informed and engaged in your… Continue reading Price Tags


Truth Challenge

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change you are you living in truth as a result of the experience?

Daily Affirmation, Discernments

The falsities of Humanity

If someone would have told me that perfection is what you make it. That perfection is truly unattainable I would have frowned upon them years ago, for I tried to be perfect in every challenge I undertook. Perfection is in the mind of those you encounter, your critic's it is they that judge and have… Continue reading The falsities of Humanity


Faith Is

Faith is knowing that every experience opens your heart to a greater and grander experience Faith is knowing that every concern you have is a concern of Gods Faith is knowing your being transformed from the inside out Faith is learning to swim through painful experiences to the celebration of love, into the power of… Continue reading Faith Is