Your Beautiful, Believe it, Live it



Fairy tales

Fairy tales

Did you grow up worshipping Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, and Mulan. I did, I was that little girl glued to the wonderful trip of elegance and romance yes that magical destination of disney. There I sat mesmerized, full of excitement, ponytails and silk ribbons waving my moms paddle brush wand yelling orders for biscuits and tea. I imagined a stately manor surrounded by roses without thorns that lived in the shadows of mist. I believed in the white stallion horse with a braided mane and the various story-lines of rescue shared among them.
Dreams are sources of inspiration they shoulder our hopes for a brighter tomorrow. As we mature those dreams change but the desire for finding a loving soulmate is with us at every turn. That’s a girl reality if your single, separated or facing divorce its a dream that never ends and a dream we should never give up on.
What would a girl do without them. The subject of love and fairytales was broached the other day at a luncheon I didn’t know quite what to say while searching for the truth of romance. I am forever hopeful that every single woman will find her perfect fit.
I No longer qualify man to princes or kings but to a mental image of a humble secure man that encourages, strengthen and adores his lady.

Here’s my question ladies at what age do we pack the fairy tales away and wish for the best or do we still believe that princes do come true. Guy’s, I’m not leaving you out we need your ideas too. Message me at organization.taylormcghee

Price Tags

Everything has a price but everything shouldn’t be for sale. What is the price of your heart, your soul, your truth. In this life we will encounter several vices that vie for our attention if your not strong enough you may even fall victim to the escapades of others. Stay informed and engaged in your capabilities and aspirations don’t allow dream chasers to steal your ride or your hopes. You are authentically strong and complete. Live Boldly but Cautionary. Your Fearless yet Female 💋

The falsities of Humanity


If someone would have told me that perfection is what you make it. That perfection is truly unattainable I would have frowned upon them years ago, for I tried to be perfect in every challenge I undertook. Perfection is in the mind of those you encounter, your critic’s it is they that judge and have standards of your gifts and talents. The same ideology holds true when we entertain the concept of beauty. What one may consider perfect or beautiful to some may not be all that glamorous to the next individual. independence and maturity cushions our perceptions and the bitterness of reality. The reality here is that there was only one living perfect being before us and although he tried relentlessly to remind us to be loving, humble, kind spirits we manifested imperfections occasional. I say this to say live your best life. Love yourself and respect others and through that premises the goodness of Karma will find you when you may be in need of inspiration or a caring hand to hold. As our earth is wrapped in the arms of God, my God, your God one in the same, Allow the essence of you to be the twinkle in the eyes of those who follow and trust you! Your legacy is being written as we speak, Make it Grand, Live Honorably, Kings and Queens, prince and princesses.

Faith Is

Know Here This, I Got Great News Angels

Know Here This, I Got Great News Angels ,  Faith is knowing there’s a divine purpose for your life

Faith is knowing that every experience opens your heart to a greater and grander experience

Faith is knowing that every concern you have is a concern of Gods
Faith is knowing your being transformed from the inside out
Faith is learning to swim through painful experiences to the celebration of love,
into the power of truth
Truth is, you are a beautiful, loving, kind spirit traveling through life!
Faith has me does it claim you
Walk into your power of God’s Grace and Divinity
He will love, transform, encourage, bless and strengthen you.