Emotional Support

Get Over It!

🙏 Here’s a thought, I Heard a wonderful sermon sunday morning in which I submit this. Often, we here people say, if it wasn’t for past obstacles in my life I would be fulfilled, happy and successful. I was one of those individuals questioning my raw deal. Asking, why did I have to be victimized by a tragic accident that nearly robbed me of my life. Well, I know now, that unexpected tragedies are sometimes a blessing from God some might say. They are unauthorized decision markers, forced motivators; catalyst that plunge us into a greater existence and awareness. I’ve learned that Instead of questioning and stagnating myself due to a hardship I’ve transitioned into a new agenda. To engage and develop the philosophy of possibility. My desire here is to remind those in similar plights. That we all have setbacks with differing pains its how we manage them that set’s the tone.
I say, lets bungee jump back into the dashboard of the living and conquer the fears of the past that still torment our present. We need deliverance out of ambiguity into a clarified oasis of serenity. Yes, you may be physically or emotionally scarred but we know scrapes and wounds heal in proper time. Listen, I was immobile for two years after my physical impairment putting one foot in front of the other or standing without assistance wasn’t an option. I had to have patients until the trauma of the injuries subsided which took years it was worth the patience and lord knows I’m thriving now. When you pay special attention to your weaknesses, treatment, determination and faith while constructing a winning plan the battle is three quarters won.
Relief and growth doesn’t come over night it’s hinged upon your willingness of acceptance. Acquire a confidant, facilitate your truths, get a grip on your life and Fight. Doctors say if it was not for my attitude towards healing and reclaiming my future I would still be wheel chair bound. I never gave up on me, Do Not Give Up On You. Everyday is a journey into hope and forgiveness. Forgive the incidents and walk, leap, jump, Run forward. Life is short, you only have one keep yours on track! Remember this , An obstacle is a victory waiting to be accomplished so grab your swag, armor, spear, and Ladies don’t forget your crown you can not go into war without it. Life is what you make it. Box it, Get over it, then forget it, 👌

Feedback greatly appreciated

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