Discernments, Empowerment


In the acquisition of truth there’s a lesson that’s always waiting to be learned. In that search comes a reckoning, a personal conviction that utilizes your various gifts common sense, street savvy , education and wisdom of experiences. You finally understand that the elements that define you are more than enough to secure your ascension and success in any chosen arena. The blessing, when you allow the transformation of truth to begin your new experiences and philosophies will take precedent and old habits will melt away. When you open your outlook and begin to believe and trust in yourself the windows to the world and your soul will open and delight you. Truth is blatant, unmasked and free. Truth is a discovery that begins within. It’s an obedience to living with control, balance and humility. It’s the time when your soul reaches up and out for its relevance and purpose. Truth emerges when you set yourself apart and you commit to living a life of example. Truth explodes from the heart of an individual. It resides in a place where you can no longer play the game of hide and seek. When you begin to seek personal truths your consciousness delves deep pummeling your self-worth, accountability, decisions and friendships until you purge the toxins and welcome the essences of verity. When truth is sought only truth can answer. Truth is a complexity, there may be many angles to it but only one way to claim. It begins within, imploring truth to become paramount, while you exhale in the process and the falsities go away.

Truth dictates that you love and worship you. It abhors the fake and phony, why bother pretending it does nothing for your moral. Try loving the ground you presently walk on and from there visualize a better, wiser, brilliant reflection of yourself. Allow the pampering process of refinement to encapsulate you. Embracing truth provides the only support system that you can depend on. There will come a time when you can no longer run from yourself and the need to reinvent, revitalize and resurrect yourself will be the only measure left to assist you in becoming your personal best. The woman you continuously strive to be and eventually will become. Living, giving, learning, serving a purposeful existence are the characteristics I sharpen and replenish daily. When you reach that truthful peak of clarity and comfort within yourself, loving and honoring truth is the gift that keeps on giving. We put so much energy into helping and loving others that we forget to nurture and develop ourselves. When we dream big and pray boldly our stance in truthfulness erupts and a stronger celebrated heart and cerebrum evolves. Revel in the confidant newer version of magnificence. Truth, the righteous testimony where you’re not giving up anything to gain everything the ultimate gift of peace and tranquility.
Kudos Ladies, Always in Truth, Taylor

Feedback greatly appreciated

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