Resilience 💪

If resilience came served in a cup
I would drink continuously and keep my cup filed up
Life is so unpredictable you have your highs and lows
One day your striving confidant and strong
The next your wavering struggling for control
I’ve had my share of ups and down you have too
Resilience lives in every girl let it purpose you
Dig deep and persevere it may take a lot out of you
However life respects you
One day your soaring the next day your falling
Gotta keep fighting, your totally deserving
Storms come and go, Flex your muscle your capable

Life is so unpredictable a challenge nearly everyday
Sometimes its full of disappointments, when we don’t live
By our truths each day
Resilience is an attitude birthed inside of you
If it were up to you what would you do to push forward
trust and develop you. We are fierce and wonderfully made
Proven conquerors of numerous fates
Fearless, feminine, female
That’s me, she, her and you
Taking it one day at a time
I’m resilient and so are you
Life is so unpredictable
Yet my cup is filled graciously up
Full of Resilience, clarity and truth!
A promise of living for both me and you.

©Taylor McGhee

Feedback greatly appreciated

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