The grapevine a line of communication that develops between girlfriends that carry messages between friends or foes used to be either supportive, discouraging, discountable, or simple to undercut the actions of a sister friend that’s trying to unite the strands of colored pearls inhabiting the world. Pearls, thats the women of truth, the movement I represent. A loving community of women poised to embody, assimilate and enrich the lives of girls and women globally. What unnerves me is the ignorance of those who have not come to terms with there charge in life and the gift of womanhood placed in them to infuse righteousness, creativity and knowledge into the lives of the women they touch. The vicious cycle of games and haterism that women play when forced to reach beyond there comfort zone can be a wicked display of diamond encrusted daggers. Women come in various forms of shape, color and intellectual astuteness. There are some when they feel threatened, insecure and infallible that incite confusion and destruction in order to diffuse the light and focus of other women trying to bring about change and progression. Why do we as women resort to such defenseless deployments of social warfare when faced in uncomfortable social arenas.
The social etiquette of woman is lacking the luster it should reflect when the commonalities that link us yet separate us is put on public display. Why do we saunter around like beautiful gazelles when viewed in a herd yet when threatened by an outsider we socially alienate them. Women should act better than that. We are nurturers by design. One bad apple has the capability to poison the tree that bears it. That has to change! Our gender learns from makeup 101 that although we can conceal a blemish it’s still an imperfection. Ponder this opening your spiritual vessel and welcoming hands to all sister friends who seek refuge. Treat and respect all of humanity like your brother, sister, mother, father, daughter , lover or best friend. Love and kindness should be your measure of success. Allowing kindness and humility to be your hash tag your reverence of life. Honoring and respecting the light of each individual should bless you with comfort, accountability, hope and inspiration .
Your social interactions should be a invigorating kiss of you which when given wholesomely encourages and uplifts the others pearls that share the world along side you.
So my girls, aspire to climb your objectives just don’t step on those coming up behind you.

Feedback greatly appreciated

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