Perceptions of Heart

Pulsation of Life

♥ Feeling the beat of my heart through my fingertips as I clutch this writing device makes me stop and fully acknowledge the grace over my life and its value in its simplest degree. The pulsating throb of existence as I wiggle my fingers confirms that God’s presence the shepherd of me keeps all things relative and of conscious morality. I write these words for my girls, I marvel at the signs of endorsement; that God’s in favor of my creativity, he trusts my advocacy, protecting the female gender through written ministry. Cultivating my sentiments and expression. As I lay here awake waiting on tidbits of guidance and Inspiration, 2am seems to be the calling time when magnified expression is allowed to visit and roam Haphazardly in my cerebrum.
Its the time where I roll over feverishly vying for a peaceful sleep; adjusting my silk night glam mask, propping my pillow and asking God for the message he wants me to deliver. This is what came to fruition. When was the last time you actually listened to your own life force. Felt the blood move through your body as it oxygenated each cell, organ and hair follicle. Yes, I said hair, I’am a women, We dream about our tresses our selective mark of womanhood. I think, its safe to say that most women do. Am I over reaching here, that may be, but I want you to fully comprehend that the synergy of you doesn’t operate solely on your command. Its a combination of like minded elements implored to deliver optimal greatness, wellness and health. We tend to forget that we must nurture our temples like we nurture all of our other fascinations.
Careers, hobbies, family etc. what good are you to each of those demands when your not centered or in control of you, the mothership of harmony and battle. That mothership is a classified battleship when storms, indecisiveness or the invasion of war threaten the gates of our temples; a girl has to be able to stand strong, hell square up, then put em up!
As women so much of our lives is a struggle an emotional landfill of undetectable flaws and a prism of discoverable truths. We Struggle in our identities; to be heard, stagnated at glass ceiling or simply carving out our niche. So, I say unto you, we must arm ourselves with grenades of strength, wisdom and discernment, choose our fights wisely and watch intensely for propaganda for every disappointment or critique is not aimed for defeat but to refresh your abilities, fine tune your armor; secure your position for winning your cause of redress. The process of redress is just that; identify the opponent, gather more intellect , fact check your points of contentions, then sucker punch that jab combo. Never let them see it coming. We as women don’t have to be aggressive to win just tactful and knowledgeable.
The strategy of dainty proves to be worthy at any given time; always be a ladies no matter how deep in the trench we go. Our greatest defense against anything is first reverence to God the most high authority the two of you together make an advantageous team , girl power endorsed globally will always be victorious.
Learn the echoes of your heart, your pulse setting 65, 70 beats per minute; let it be your guiding force and the force that reminds you when not to tip the scales of living. Balance and proper instruction is the way to purposeful interactions and resolve. Speak in truth, be in truth, power the presence of truth, Honor your pulse of life and you will be rewarded with the greatest gift of all ladyship, optimal divineness. Excel in your thoughts and position yourself to be worthy of praised.
Listen to the rhythms of your pulse allow it to sooth and relax your temple, like the aroma of lavender salts infused into your mystical bath of logic. Soak up the lessons invading your epidermis massage them, study and exfoliate them for as quick as the lessons surface they disappears. Breathe, speak and pulsate life, Living your truth adores you.

Feedback greatly appreciated

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