Me Time & Marital Bliss

Alright, my loves I’m jumping in with my elbow length gloves, all season rubber boots, my blinged out hoodie and my extra thick leggings cuz girls I’m dressed for a cat fight or possible brawl lol. I might need a little back up when probing this category. After several sincere chats from my sister friends the subject was broached about how do women who are successful in their careers, devoted mothers and wives take time for themselves without causing alarm or fostering negative thoughts in your wonderful mates; when all you want to do is get some me time from the responsibilities of being Queen of 365 days.
Well my loves, let me hear you Purr, Eartha Kit did teach us something Daaaaaarling, you got those diamonds for a reason. You’re the undisputed slender weight champ-tress who answers to Mrs or urban slang Wifey. Remember that old commercial, I can bring home the bacon fry it up in a pan and never ever something or another la la la neglect my man. Your husbands are just that husbands they don’t realize how much we truly do and how important it is to opt out of those duties occasionally. Escaping to a girls day out, a mani/pedi, facial, an ipod break or perhaps a simply run.
We need to decompress from the days obligations too. However, that awesome side kick of yours made a choice to love, nourish and support you and if you need to relax, relate and release I’m quite sure he will make that happen. Relationship are hard work and open fun-loving communication is essential to getting what you want and guess what he’s eager to give it to you. Our gentle giants know when were exhausted and I believe there looking for us to self correct. Her’s and His Is a synergy working together, spiritually and harmoniously remember those vows. Your his greatest inspiration. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing runs without you. He respects that quality and depends on it too.
Recently, I had an appt. with my dental glam team who keeps my hypnotic smile together, Dr. N.J, for professional autonomy lol, she stands all of maybe 4’11. As she sashayed down the corridor of her office small and graceful yet commanding I’m grateful that I found her. She inquired about my life compassionately attentive to the details. I informed her about my passion and purpose to LYT. She commended me and then she got to work for I take up so much of her time. The drill went to singing I closed my eyes and began to ponder.
As we enter into the many professional suites of our lives it dawned on me that the people we allow in our lives for care should be an extension of ourselves; you want a personable, give and take relationship were your able to let your hair down; Release some stress while getting some feedback and apply this mindset. Insights good, bad or indifferent can be used or repurposed. When you’ve made the right connections and choices in your marital and physical care you’ve gained the key components to health, happiness, wealth and success. As my appointment was nearing its end, we chatted about the year ahead and dreams to come. Our jovial smiles confirmed a peaceful sign of contentment, and I was elated to see; shes living and enjoying her wildest dreams. A busy Wife, Doctor and Beautiful mom of three finding her she time and a little just for me.
BFF’s Worldwide

2 thoughts on “Me Time & Marital Bliss”

  1. You are so kind. You have no idea how much this means to me! You also have no idea how much you pour into the lives of those you touch. Your dental glam team sends you love…you’ve been a blessing to us…spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. We love you!

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  2. As women we are often so focused on taking care of others and take pride in doing so that for the life of me I still don’t know how we forget about US, but we manage to do a great job at it. There are so many women that are guilty of it, but I honestly don’t think we realize we do it until we read post like this to remind us that we have to do us sometimes and not feel guilty doing so.


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