Resilience 💪

If resilience came served in a cup I would drink continuously and keep my cup filed up Life is so unpredictable you have your highs and lows One day your striving confidant and strong The next your wavering struggling for control I've had my share of ups and down you have too Resilience lives in… Continue reading Resilience 💪



The grapevine a line of communication that develops between girlfriends that carry messages between friends or foes used to be either supportive, discouraging, discountable, or simple to undercut the actions of a sister friend that's trying to unite the strands of colored pearls inhabiting the world. Pearls, thats the women of truth, the movement I… Continue reading Grapevines

Perceptions of Heart

Pulsation of Life

♥ Feeling the beat of my heart through my fingertips as I clutch this writing device makes me stop and fully acknowledge the grace over my life and its value in its simplest degree. The pulsating throb of existence as I wiggle my fingers confirms that God's presence the shepherd of me keeps all things… Continue reading Pulsation of Life


Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall tell me what you see Is it me or a shadow of whats to be Mirror mirror on the wall is that all you see Help me, to look inside, explore and define me Show me kindness Show me love Show me Grace But most of all show me what's… Continue reading Mirror Mirror

Girl Power

Battle of Will and Pride

You can't fight what you won't allow your heart and mind to see. Rid yourself of all negativity and patterns of self destruction. Follow your heart, search your soul and allow God to lead and order your footsteps. Get your life and take hold Girls, your only blessed with one make it Fantabulous.



Trust yourself, trust life and be of faithful service to others. There's more to life than loving yourself. When you learn that lesson only then will you reap the rewards destined for you. Live and let your existence permeate your truths.



When a person shows and tells you who they are trust and believe it's authentic. Stop glorifying others and uplift your own intellect, spirit and aspirations.



"By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest, and Third by experience, which is the bitterest."