Wisdom 101

There will be several poignant conversations in your life where wisdom of age, experience and knowledge will be generated around you. Most of the time those whispers of life will be given by your elders, parents, instructors or simply strangers in passing, Angels of love. When I think back to the whispers of wisdom that I received in my youth, one comes to mind, sitting at the table with three generations of matriarchs. I’ve often heard young ladies should always be properly dressed, clean and groomed while the other grand mama roared thunderously sit up straight ladies don’t slouch, not the thing you want to here after a long day of school and chores, no elbows on the table girls. Jumping into my early teens it was the group of sister friends huddled up in the girl’s restroom discussing teenage insecurities, weight, clothing, the dreaded onset of menstruation and of course boys. I’m sure if I dissect segments of my life there will always be someone whose imparted wisdom of living and loving into my Consciousness.
Life is an evolution of growth, maturity and wisdom. When we pay attention to our inner child, it guides our intuition and our movements in and out of trials, tribulations and greatness. What I know about us girls is that when times are troublesome and melancholy we band together, always available to lend a helping hand. That’s the power of us, devoted, charismatic and conscientious . Open to the whispers of critique both professional and personal we meet the challenge every time. We embody the courage and discipline to shift, control, and possible delete situations or events in our lives when necessary. When we’re aligned and on track we’re on fire as Mrs.Keys elegantly sings. So my girls, my power puffs , didn’t you just love them, I adore you. Keep pressing forward and know that when you are giving of yourself, your truthful and loving self, your blazing a trial for all the super babies, super girls and super woman of the world. Hold onto a sisters hand this week, tell her how valuable she is, thats she’s worthy to be praised; offer your friendship and service, remember its the whispers of Wisdom that’s gotten us all Here.
Release your wisdom on the wings of Angels, See how many girls you touch.

Feedback greatly appreciated

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