Girl Power

Colorless Power of Girls

Black, white,yellow, brown and red; fragments of color polarized in my head. Tumble one, tumble two, possible three, could it be that DNA is of me. A cultural mix of todays humanity, Combined hues of color mirrored back at me beaming a exquisite radiance for all to see. Glance through me and see a vision of united harmony. Look past the colors your destined to see a sister friend diverse, ethnic and socially free. I’m the Color of earth, the sun, moon and sky. a luscious blend of orchids scattered wide, who spills out you and I. Engage in me and you will see the wonders of the world through the various shades of humanity. Be open, Be humble, Be wise, its meant to be, to love another unconditionally. See one color, see two, see three, there all of me, gifting happiness and pinky swears into all our trajectories, Go colorless, its trending how necessary. Girl power is universal and we all have a story; that story however unique is shared by another. We are daughters, sisters, mothers, lovers and wives with one fundamental truth she’s just like me and i’m just like you, Sisters Globally. If your blonde, brunette, brown, black or gray we can all relate to the magical properties of clairol 598. At various points in our lives there will be, courageous woman, sister friends, strategically discharged in our paths for our emotional tranquility. She’s that girlfriend who gets you through your first mammogram, a health scare, your 1st baby shower; and fitting room Disasters. She’s your warrior SF, who helps you navigate clearance racks to find that irresistible pink platform. We’re the best, and were colorless. Thank God for girls and all things pink. Were awesome and indispensable, Power Glam Girls. Living Your Truth, uniting hearts, minds and souls of differing beauty. May the light of my soul forever be in touch with yours.
Truth Resonates, Namaste’

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