Serving with Joy, Excellence and a Hypnotic Smile :-)

Every time I open my iPad I’m elated that my hopes to serve, inspire and motivate a sister friend stays at the forefront of my mind and commitments. Each day brings about a new challenge to encourage and uplift one another. Due to the storms of life, we sometimes need to take a step back to diffuse the ambiguities that invade our temples of positivity. When it storms, darkness invades the earths atmosphere and we all know what the power of darkness can do, darkness erodes light and life, stagnates enlightenment and progression. As humans, we are constantly evolving, encompassing our lives with a variety of components, some that cloud our growth, emotional welfare, and simply put our human condition. However, we the magnificent creations of Humanity that God delivered to earth has the ability to assimilate, regroup and redress our needs in any given circumstance if we’re plugged into our life source of existence. That plug allows committable energy which sufficiently sustains and constantly flourishes our soul. When your plugged in, life is a dream of pleasurable events karmically spinning and transposing the universe into your heart melodies of tranquility, adventure and prosperity. We at Living Your Truth know that you are divinely blessed and remind you to keep yourself plugged in so that your source of existence will continue to focus and drive you into your greatest treasures.


Feedback greatly appreciated

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