Diamonds of Clarity

Are you a diamond of positive energy illuminating your brilliance of sophistication, style and excellence into the universe and those that surround you. You’re ready to magnify that class of confidence and allure that encapsulates you; the woman full of charm, intellect, determination and swag. You greet the day with a smile, a cloak of mystic, satchel of Logic and our signature lipgloss. You’re the woman in control of her independence,aspiration and future trajectory. On track to self gratification, yet a team player and game changer. In todays trend, some would say a boss chick in waiting; smart, assertive, funny, and sleek, a fem fatale. Instead of you snaring the opposite sex for pleasurable delights, you focus your entire essence only for the edification enrichment of yourself and others. Consistently promoting introspection and the personal journeys into Truth. You got everything, the icons of television embody the Superwoman of the century, the Michelle Obamas, Katie Courics , Oprah Winfreys, Robin Roberts, the stay at home moms, business owners, military professionals, students, doctors, lawyers, we can do it all, You’re that woman, every bit of sexy, able to balance the kids, husband, career, Jesus and 6inch stilettos all in a days work. We’re diamonds, modeled into perfection from the abundance of powerful woman that lead, guide and show example of grace, integrity and truth. Ponder this, if truth was an manufactured elixir would you be on line in hopes of possess and surrender. I got Samples available, lol, really thou, catch the initiative to living your greatest life in truth and authenticity. If the universe could be so divinely blessed, hope all of humanity would be on board.

Pray Boldly and Dream Big, my Diamonds of Vs Purity.

Feedback greatly appreciated

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