Romance & Truth

Welcome to the Eve of Valentines, today we navigate from encouragements, spiritualities and quotes into the realm of relationships given the grandest day of the year for women, Valentines Day is at our Threshold. I trust that we are all working and living within our truths and this special obligation from me to you will be refreshing and joyous, at least that’s my intent. To bring a smile to your face, a chuckle in your throat and a warmth in your soul. For those who have love, looking for love, or healing from it love is the forever abstract we search for, the cardiovascular orgasm that captivates and subdues our feminine seductress. It quiets our autonomy signaling us to conform, build and serve. Before you start yes serve, submit, that’s our calling with the right lion. Mufasa would be ever so grateful for a lioness such as yourself. Disney animation are crowding my mind but back to the subject at hand lol.
It’s taken me years of redefining my personal agendas, let alone my personal life; I have both feet planted firmly now and hey I even got a solid strategy for loving and living. After a failed marriage which consumed 11 years from start to finish signing the divorce decree, I was devastated some would even say broken. I won’t shy away from the past pains but an Alpha girl like myself, my ego was severely fragmented. However on this eve of love the former me has been revamped, refreshed and renewed from the six figured spoiled diva who didn’t always appreciate having a gentle, gracious mate. This kitty was royal b**** at times, lesson learned but hey ten years later life is awesome, you heard! Today, I got my first delivered treat a box of gourmet covered strawberries notice i said my 1st lol. I’m overjoyed and happy that people appreciate me and they honor my support of them. Girls, remember on this day and tomorrow the three A’s, It’s vital Acknowledge, Appreciate, the biggest Affirm.
Remember you want the type of Love that makes you stop in your tracks and swells your heart at the mention of your sweetie’s name. There are no gifts more valuable than the committed, devoted, passionate love of a man. I formulated some thoughts that I hold dear.
(1) Respect and Honor God in finding a mate that’s equally yoked!
(2) Remember to protect and Honor yourself, have some Virtues!
(3) Walk in Faith and Unity with your mate, know your position, never allow anyone to define that space it’s Sacred.
(4) Live Boldly, Amp up your Light, Never downplay or dummy down You.
Your God’s Awesome Creation need I say anymore. Tell the Hater’s, girls, we all got some; Get behind me, S****, if your Christian you know the rest Lol!!!
(5)Remember men are sensitive, Never cause doubt or bruise an Ego. They may never recover. It’s hard climbing a slippery slope. GF’s even though it tightens our thighs, it does nothing for our relationships.
(6) Start listening, Eye Contact is essential; use them for the window into his soul and watch it speak to you. Always be present in the moments you share no matter how trivial.
(7)Lastly Real Love is Purposeful, It’s Easy, It’s Reliable, It’s Truth.

Taylor’s Heart to Yours, Mufasa and I Thank You, Lol, Stay Engaged

Feedback greatly appreciated

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