Age 25 & under

Fabulous XXV’s and Younger

Have you been waiting for your life to start, searching for your identity and your destiny to unfold. Better yet, are you that girl who believes in fairytales, waiting for that yellow brick road to appear and usher you into your passions and out of munchkin land . The munchkins are those that encircle you; your BFF’s, FBFriends and societal peers. The problem here, they are  as confused as you are about their place in this world. My young Fabs, no matter how much you search your heart and prepare yourself for what may come when the right combination of will and desire combine your destiny is a compass navigation away. You are on the cusp of your aspirations, you just have to step on board and sail.  At this age, you have many positive energies that fill you and it’s hard to decipher which gift you want to commit to.  Ask yourself which ideals hold the most pleasure in your heart then allocate a percentage of your time and effort to that pursuit.  The rest of that time focus it on your personality, your brand and self image. Self image ladies, is how the world views you, my Fabs.
In my twenties I spent countless time  in various creative endeavors.
At 25/26 after hanging out in Manhattan with my then fiancé I was scouted on the street by a representative from Essence Mag. Who asked if I was interested in the industry; gave me a card and before I knew it, I was taking an elevator ride up to the top floor of Essence on Avenue  of the Americas in New York. In the blink of an eye I was enrolled into a year long partnership program with Barbizon School of Modeling. A few trunk shows; print gigs and callbacks later I had my fill; especially after another passion path opened networking me with music professionals. I become a stand in studio background artist and began writing and producing my own tracks for a duo they wanted to launch. I was thrilled,  those were the days of being , young, talented and beautiful. I give you this because life is trial and error and although I left the industry for a more stable career and education; enjoy the indecisiveness of your youth; test the waters of all your endeavors and remember the yellow brick road will only start you on your path but your tenacity will keep you there.
Be at peace with your decisions  and know there’s nothing wrong with pushing refresh.  Be proud and realize acknowledging truth’s  will lead to self discovery.  Fairytales do come true!!!!!

My Heart to Yours,


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