Movement In Truth

06 WalkingWhen thinking of Living in Truth, it’s become apparent to me that truth is a movement, It’s a declaration. Ladies, it’s unadulterated serenity, if you’re living as the blog suggest. It is my hope sister friends that when we come together from all walks of life that we encounter one another in truth. That we respect and honor the glory that is within all of us and magnify that glory across the Global Universe. This expanded movement of truth that lives inside of each of us harnesses the ideologies of Purity, Righteousness, Humility and Integrity which God instilled in all of his creations. He gave us the power of free will to exercise that authority into our daily regiments.

Living Your Truth is asking that you do the same.  Breathe and Live True.

When I look at this world in its purest formation free from toxins. We as humans forget just how tainted our world has become. Individuals, family and peers can be horrible pollutants in our lives if we allow entrance. Things such as Gossip, Jealousy and Envy can destroy our infrastructure our temples of divinity and hope.

Take heart, Girlfriends to protect your commodities, your inner child and most of all your dignified truth.

From our Spirit to Yours,


Feedback greatly appreciated

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